HP Printer Paper Jam Error But No Paper Jam

4 Ways to Fix a Paper Jam Error in HP Printers

For the users of HP printers, Paper jam error is one of the most common occurrences in the course of using their printer hardware. On average, users deal with this issue at least once in their lifetime. Due to the issue, it becomes almost impossible for a user to get prints out of their printer.

One of the downsides of this technical problem is that it renders the machine unable to churn out prints until one makes an effort to resolve it. Interestingly, sometimes the issue may look like creeping in when it is not the case in reality. In such situations, no amount of cleaning can set the printing hardware back in functional mode.

Regardless of the effort on the part of a user to clear the dirt, the machine continues to display the error message.

Are you facing the HP printer jam error but no paper jam issue with your printer? If yes, our certified technicians are ready to help you with this. Also, you can try out some simple troubleshooting steps to get rid of the issue.

Ways to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam

A paper jam issue can give you a hard time with getting prints. So, it is imperative that you know how to fix a paper jam. Knowing the ins and outs of this process is your best bet to get your printing machine back to its normal state without a fuss.

 So, are you ready to perform the troubleshooting steps? Try your hand at the steps given below make certain that you follow them systematically to get rid of the issue.

Solution 1: Remove jammed paper out of the input tray

1. Power the printer on by pressing the power button.

2. Detach the power cord from the backside of the printer without powering it off.

3. Look for the input tray and take out the paper gently from it to fix a paper jam in the printer.

4. Look into the printer input tray carefully to examine if any other object is stuck inside it. In case you locate any such object, take it out in the same way as that of the paper.

5. Now, put the printer back to its actual position.

6. Attach the power cord to the printer and power it on.

These steps are good enough to correct the common anomalies due to which an HP printer suddenly stops to roll out prints. However, chances are you may need to perform the next set of troubleshooting steps if the issue persists. Try getting some prints from the printer to verify if you have been able to solve the problem. If the problem still persists, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2: Take jammed paper out of the output tray

Unlike the previous method, you need to power off the printer to use this one effectively. For desired results, try out the steps in the same sequence as given below.

1. Take out the power cord after turning off your HP printing machine

2. Now look for the output tray. After locating it successfully, pull the jammed paper out of the tray so you are able to remove it.

3. Try getting some output from it in the form of prints. If you are able to get prints, you can rest assured that your printer is back in the working condition.

While you would feel relaxed by being able to get prints from your printing hardware once again but the chances are it may not go away. In this case, think about trying out the next set of troubleshooting steps given below.

Solution 3: Remove junk from the printer roller

1. Power off your printing machine and detach the power cord form it thereafter.

2. Hold the input tray in an elevated position and open it.

3. Locate the printer rollers. They are grey in colour. Once you locate them, use a damp cloth to clear the build-up of dust or dirt on its surface.

4. Dry out the rollers to get rid of any moisture on the surface. Once you are certain that it has dried out completely, think about putting them back in their usual position.

5. Now attach the power cord back to the printing machine and turn it on.

6. Try to get some prints to find out whether or not you have been able to resolve the issue.

Does the issue still persist? If yes, you need to perform a few more steps to address it. Proceed to the next steps as given below.

Solution 4: Reset your printing hardware

1. Switch on your printer

2. Detach power cord by unplugging it from the outlet

3. Sit tight for at least a minute before plugging the power cord back to its actual position.

4. Connect the power cord on the backside of your printing machine

5. Power the printer on.

6. Consider getting some printouts to establish if the issue has been resolved.

Ideally, the issue of a paper jam with your printer should go away after the last troubleshooting steps. Still, if the issue remains unabated, there may be some underlying cause and may need an expert technician to get fixed.

While printing issues can halt productivity for a while, the intervention by experts can be of great assistance in getting rid of the issue in quick time. Without wasting any more time, consider reaching out to us for a quick solution to your faulty printer.

With years of experience under their belt, our technicians are committed to getting to the bottom of it so they can restore your printing machine back to its working condition. Whether it is due to a simple factor or there is an underlying cause to it, our technicians leave no stone unturned to diagnose an issue and do whatever it takes to resolve an issue in hand.

With our quality services, you can rest assured that your printer will get back to action without any delay. Contact us now!

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