HP printer offline windows 10

Printers have virtually become a necessity these days. On average, almost seven out of ten users of computer buy a printer. This highlights the importance of printers in for a majority of users.

While there are printers from various brands these, most printer users prefer to go with reputed brands. HP is a prominent name on the list. While the printers from the brand come across with a number of features, it is not above technical issues. HP printer offline Windows 10 is one of the common issues out of the long list of issues pertaining to the printing devices from HP.

HP printer offline Windows 10
HP printer offline

Like other users out there, you may wonder what has gone wrong with your printing hardware after upgrading to Windows 10 when you discover it all of a sudden that your printer is not connected to your computer. If you are experiencing problems due to this issue, it is imperative that you fix it in time to prevent the issue from affecting your productivity due to the inability to print pages or documents.

Technical issues are a part and parcel of using devices and just like other technical issues, this one also has a solution. Read on to find out more about the issue and how you can get rid of it.

How to troubleshoot HP printer Windows 10 offline problem

This is a common issue with HP printers which causes a breakdown in the connectivity between a computer with the Windows 10 operating system and an HP printer. By and large, the issue comes to notice when a user of HP printer upgrades the operating system of their computer to Windows 10 from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

The cause of the problem is simple. When one upgrades the operating system of one’s computer form a lower version of Windows to Windows 10, the drivers do not get updated automatically. One needs to update them manually by visiting the official website of HP to prevent this issue.

If you have migrated the OS of your PC to Windows 10 from a lower version of Windows, you are likely to the fact this issue while trying to get prints from your HP printer. The good thing is that you can take care of the issue by trying a few troubleshooting steps.

However, before you proceed to troubleshoot the issue, it is important to perform a few checks. Check whether:

If all seems to be well with these aspects but the issue still persists, you need to perform a few troubleshooting steps to overcome the technical issue of the offline status of your printer on Windows 10 OS. For the sake of convenience of the readers, the steps to resolve the issue have been given below.

Steps to resolve HP printer offline Window 10

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Look for the option ‘Printer’ on the left of the window. When you find the option, right click on it.
  3. Now click on ‘Uninstall’ and follow the on-screen instructions to remove the printer from your computer.
  4. Wait for some time. When the uninstallation of the printer is complete, restart the computer.
  5. Now install the CD which comes along with the HP printer. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the printer.
  6. Upon the completion of the installation, restart the computer. Check if the printer is online. If the issue remains unresolved, move to the next step.
  7. As the next step, you need to update the drivers of the computer. Go to the official website of HP. Look for the driver updates in connection with the model of printer which you own. Download the driver and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Even after performing a clean driver update, the issue may still show up. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Download the latest driver from the website of the manufacturer.
  2. Save it to your desktop and look for the setup file. Once you find it, right click on it and select ‘Properties’.
  3. Select the compatibility mode and choose the relevant operating system which you are using on your computer.
  4. Allow some time and wait until the installation of the print driver is complete. When the installation is complete, try to get a print to see if the issue has been addressed. If not, then move to the next step.

Use in-built troubleshooter to troubleshoot Windows 10 printer issues

  1. Go to the control panel and make changes to the view (modify it to large icons)
  2. Select troubleshooting and click on view all.
  3. Run the printer troubleshooter as well as the hardware and devices.

Hopefully, these steps should resolve the issue. If you are not able to resolve the issue even after trying out these steps, it means there is some other unknown issue which is causing it. Get in touch with our experts to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue.

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We have tried our best to provide the troubleshooting steps in as much detail and simple language as possible in this guide. But still, you may find it a little tricky to implement these steps on your own, especially if you are new or are not tech-savvy.

Whether you are facing an issue in trying out these steps or have not found the desirable solution even after performing these steps, feel free to get in touch with us. We have qualified technical experts who will look into the matter for you and try their best to provide you with the best solution for the problem.

To establish the actual cause of the problem, they will carry out checks. With their years of experience and in-depth knowledge, it wouldn’t take too long for them to get to the bottom of the issue. After identifying the issue they will provide you with the right solution. So, without further delay, get in touch with us now!

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