HP Printer Not Printing

Reasons for Blank Page or Grey Print Issues and Ways to Fix Them

For most users of HP Printers, the two common issues include blank pages and grey prints. These issues can happen due to a number of reasons. However, there are some simple ways to troubleshoot these problems as well. Read on to find out more about the reasons due to which these issues appear and the ways to take resolve them.

Reasons for HP printer printing blank pages

Have you been facing this issue for a long time? If yes, then there can be multiple reasons behind it. Here are the main reasons that can cause the problem:

1. Problem with the breather tape

The installation of the cartridge in the right way is a necessity to get fine prints. However, it is also equally important to remove the breather tape at the time of installing it. When you fail to do so, the ink does not flow properly from the cartridge due to which you are bound to get blank pages while trying to get print-outs.

2. Old cartridge

When the printer gives warning signals about the low cartridge, it is of paramount importance not to overlook it. If you still continue to ignore those warning signs and keep operating the printer without changing the cartridge, it can expose your printing machine to various risks.

Firstly, it will cause air to enter into the nozzle. This can make things difficult for your printing hardware to produce prints. While the process of printing may not stop altogether, the blocked nozzles, due to the presence of air in them, will start giving lines in your printed pages. You may want to avoid it any cost as this can result in prints of poor quality. Thus, replacing the old cartridge of your printer with a new one is your best bet to keep this issue at bay.

3. Poor quality of the cartridges

Ideally, the ink in the cartridge of your HP printer should neither get dried out nor condense too fast for churning out prints of decent quality. This is an essential feature which applies to all printers. If there is a variance in the viscosity and consistency of the ink from the recommended standards by HP, it will not be able to run at the right rate. This can culminate in various issues at the subsequent stages.

Steps to prevent the issue with blank printing pages

The right approach to obtain desirable prints from your printer is to fix an issue as soon as it comes to your notice. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, as the saying goes.

So, do you wish to avoid the likelihood of getting blank prints? Make a point of following these rules:

1. Print regularly

Using your printing machine at regular intervals is a smart way of training it to maintain a consistent flow of ink while getting prints. This will eliminate the likelihood of the accumulation of ink in the nozzle and the development of any block in it.

2. Think about using generic cartridges of high quality

The secret to getting good prints is to keep the nozzles free from any block or choke. High-quality cartridges are tailor-made to maintain a steady and consistent flow of ink. Plus, such cartridges also maintain the right viscosity level of the ink to minimize the chances of any blockage.

3. Do not keep your printer in warmer places

If you wish to prolong the lifeline of your printer, it is imperative that you take all the steps to keep it away from warm conditions. One of the biggest downsides of placing the printing hardware at warm places is that it leads to coagulation and solidification of the ink when it is not in use. Wheeling the printer to a cooler location can go a long way toward helping you resolve this issue.

Why is my HP printer not printing black?

More often than not, you can come across the common tale wherein your printer can start rolling out prints in colors other than black. You get frustrated and look for ways to fix this issue. Why does this happen in the first place?

HP printer printing blank pages
HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

Not being able to print pages in black ink is one of the major issues with a printer which the users of HP printing hardware can come across at any point in time. There can be more than a single factor behind it. It can be due to low ink in the cartridge, a problem in the printhead or even an issue with the printer driver. Regardless of the cause for this problem, you may want to make sure that you find a solution to it so you can get it back in the functional mode. Here are certain things that you can do to troubleshoot this technical problem.

Troubleshooting steps to overcome the printing issue with black print

There are three fundamental things that you can do to overcome the issue which is given below.

1. Check the ink cartridge

If you see the low ink warning, do not overlook it. Replacing the existing cartridge is the right thing to do when your printing machine shoots a warning signal of low ink. During the installation of the ink cartridges, make sure they are installed at the right slot. Also, make sure that you remove the tape while doing so.

Clogged vents can prevent the ink from flowing smoothly which can, in turn, affect the quality of a print. To find out if your printer is recognizing the existing cartridge properly, try using a new cartridge plus the old one. Depending on the output, you can determine whether or not all is well with the cartridges. If the issue persists, move to the next step.

2. Check the printhead

If swapping the cartridges doesn’t help you resolve the issue, then the next thing you need to do is find out if your printhead is clogged. Try the automatic cleaning feature of your printhead to clear it of any blockage due to the accumulation of dust. You can also do it manually in case the automatic feature does not give you the desired result. In case this step also fails to solve the problem, go to the next step.

3. See if all is well with the printer driver

Normally, the two steps suggested above take care of the grey print issue with a majority of HP printers. However, sometimes the issue may still persist with your HP printer. What can you do to fix the issue then? Run a check to find out whether the printer driver on your computer is working fine or not. Uninstall the printer software. Visit the official website of HP and install the driver software from the site.

If you do not succeed in resolving the issue even after trying out all the troubleshooting steps, it is strongly recommended that you should go for professional assistance. Get in touch with us so our expert technicians can help you find a solution to it.

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