HP printer cartridge error override

Steps to Resolve Printer Cartridge Error

HP printers have emerged as one of the frontrunners across the globe in recent years. Today, users perceive these products as reliable hardware to meet their printing needs.

However, issues such as HP printer cartridge error override can not only spoil the fun of using the printers from HP brand but also bring down the productivity of a business. Read on to know more about how to override HP printer cartridge error.

Steps to resolve the problem of printer cartridge error code

1. Power the printing machine on and uncover the portion which houses the cartridge. Remove it thereafter.

2. Set the ink cartridge back to its actual position and close the cover. Power off the printer and allow it to remain in this mode for at least sixty seconds.

Printer Cartridge Error

3. After a minute, turn on the printing machine and try to get a print for the purpose of testing.

4. Ideally, this should take care of the issue. In case, it does not help you fix the issue, consider moving to the next step.

5. Now you need to remove the cartridge. However, before doing it, you need to power on your printing machine and open the cover in the location of the ink cartridge.

6. Remove the cartridge. Now use a lint-free, dry and clean piece of cloth to wipe the contacts clean. For best results, consider going from top to the bottom while cleaning each contact separately.

7. Next, restore the cartridge to its original position in the printer and power the printer off. Allow it to remain in this mode for the next sixty seconds.

8. Upon the completion of a minute, print a page to see if the issue still persists. If the issue does not creep in anymore, then well and good or else proceed to the next step.

9. Power on the HP printer. Take the cover off so you are able to open the black as well as the colour cartridge. Put the cover back.

10. Now you need to disconnect the cables that connect the printer to your computer and router. To do this safely, make sure you have removed the power cord from the main outlet and then detach the cables running to the computer or router from the printer. Check again if all the cables have been detached or not before moving to the next step.

11. Allow the printer to remain in this mode for at least a minute. After a minute, power on the HP printing machine and connect the cables in the same way as they were connected before. Power it off again.

12. Now, open the cartridge cover to put back the two distinct cartridges i.e. black and colour cartridges. Turn the printing hardware on after the successful installation of the cartridges.

13. Take out a test print and look at the quality of the print you get.

14. While the above steps work in most cases, sometimes you may not see the results even after performing these steps.

In case you are not able to solve the printing issue even after exhausting the aforementioned options, you need to replace the cartridge of your printer. You can either visit a local store or check out the cartridges on online stores to purchase a new one so you are able to replace the old one with it.

What is HP cartridge protection?

Unlike the cartridges for secondary use from some lesser-known brands, the genuine cartridges from HP come across with the cartridge protection feature. Hewlett Packard packs this feature in the chip of its authentic cartridges. As soon as you install it on an HP printer, it locks the cartridge.

HP cartridge protection

Once a cartridge is locked, you will be able to use it only with the printer in which it has been installed. When you put it on another printer, it will not recognize the cartridge. What it means is that a locked cartridge can neither be remanufactured nor refilled for use in other printers.

How the HP protection feature may impact you

The feature of HP to lock the cartridge for a particular printer can affect your daily activities with it in the following ways:

1. It will prevent you from using remanufactured or refilled cartridges in a desirable manner.

2. If the cartridges have already been installed in an old printer, you will not be able to use it in a new one.

3. You will not be able to recycle the cartridges.

4. You may get a ‘protected’ error message.

Steps for HP printer cartridge error override

Notwithstanding how problematic the issue is, there are ways to get rid of this issue. Yes, you have read it right. You can get rid of this issue by trying out a few troubleshooting steps.

Some HP printers have certain internet features, whereas others do not have it. You need to first determine which kind of printer you have. This will win you half the battle. The rest will be easy for you.

In case your HP printing machine does not have internet features, you can simply go to the printer settings and disable the option of HP cartridge protection. Do not forget to first push the ‘Apply’ button and then the ‘Save’ button to save the changes.

Does your HP printer have internet features? If yes, then try out the steps that are given below.

1. Launch a browser on your computer and input the IP address of your printer as well as its web address. You can find out the address by going to the printer settings and then network setup options.

2. Upon the completion of the last step, you will enter into the Embedded Web Server of your printer. Click on settings and then HP Cartridge Protection option on the left side.

3. Choose ‘Disable’, followed by ‘Apply’ and ‘Save’.

So, these are the steps to resolve the cartridge-related issues which the users of printers generally deal with. Try out these simple troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue on your own. In case you experience difficulty in performing any of the steps or need any assistance pertaining to this issue, reach out to us at your earliest convenience. Our experts, with their years of tried and trusted expertise, are happy to help you in this connection.

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